Welcome to 100% RAW Ontario.

We are the Ontario and Eastern Canada home of 100% RAW.

Our Federation offers 3 lift (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift), Bench only, Deadlift only, Bench Press for reps, Strict Curl, and Squat only.

Our meets are drug tested, and allow only a weight lifting belt to be used. With our federation the lifters do the lifting, not science or technology.


Lifting with 100% RAW Ontario means a lifter can compete at the Canadian Nationals, International competitions like the annual Can-Am meets, World Championships representing Canada, or any 100% RAW meet in the World.

Unlike some federations we are willing to do dual sanctioned meets with other federations. Any meet directors who wish to have their equipped meet also offer a sanctioned unequipped division can do so with us. We believe in working together to better the sport, and a part of that is unity. Feel free to ask how this can be done!

Visit our forum to discuss any topic related to weightlifting, meet results, upcoming meets, the federation, training, etc!


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Constitution of the 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation, Inc.

Raw Constitution